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Oh No……Not My Garmin

Saturday morning I was trying to get motivated to run 6 miles.  I always turn on my Garmin while I am getting ready so it can find a signal before I head out.  I took it off the charger and pressed the power button….nothing…I tried again…nothing.  I put it on the charging dock thinking one of the cats may have disconnected it…nothing.  The battery charging message was nowhere to be seen.  Needless to say I was NOT happy but I finished getting ready and planned on taking my phone to use runkeeper instead.

My stomach didn’t feel right but I assumed I was upset about the fact that I was going to have to pay out some serious $$$ for a new watch.  I headed out the door and got about a quarter mile down the road when I realized my stomach issue had nothing to do with my Garmin.  I promptly turned around an ran home (half a mile down, 5.5 to go)! 

I headed out again deciding to deviate from my original plan and stay in the neighborhood for a while (aka close to home). I ran about 2 more miles and started to feel a little better so I headed over to the park with the hills.  Miles 2.5 to 5 were kind of robotic. I felt ok, but was really just going through the motions. By mile 5 I was a little dehydrated and not feeling so hot so I had to walk the last mile.

Once I got home, I further investigated what may be wrong with my Garmin and several sites online recommended a reboot (holding down the mode and lap button at the same time).  With a very pessimistic attitude I tried it and voila!  It worked!  The Garmin is back : )

Do you use a GPS watch?  If so, what would you do if you thought it had died?

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Long Run – Week 2

My goal for this week was to stick to my training plan, and for the most part, I accomplished it.

This weeks long run called for 5 miles.  I wanted to take it easy, incorporate a few hills, and still enjoy it.  There is a park about a mile from my house that has both paved walking trails and unpaved hiking trails and since I have run it many times before, I knew there were two challenging hills.  I figured an out and back would be about 5 miles, so off I went!

I did a 5 minute walking warm up and moved into intervals of run 2 walk 1.  I set my garmin so that I couldn’t see the mileage because I knew I was going slow and would get frustrated by my speed.  Once I got to the top of the second hill and actually checked my watch, I was very surprised to realize I had run 3 miles, not 2.5.

I turned around and headed home, still maintaining my 2:1 intervals.  By the time I got to mile 4.5 I was still feeling great so I started skipping the walks.  I finished up a total of 6 miles feeling nice and strong.

Week 2 goal…accomplished!


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Where I started…a reminder

I have been stressing out about The San Francisco half marathon.  It is very hilly (especially compared to where I live) and I only have three hours to complete it. My current half marathon PR is 2:55:59 and that was on a course that only contained 42 feet of elevation change.  Needless to say I have been really questioning myself as a runner and whether I can actually complete this race.  Then, I listened to the most recent episode of my favorite podcast Two Gomers Run for Their Lives.   The Gomers were reflecting on when they first began running and it made me do the same.  

The first time I remember being overweight was in the second grade.  My parents told me that I “was tall for my age, and that I had big bones.”  It was true, I was tall for my age, but I was also fat.  I spent the remainder of elementary, middle, and high school, hiding my body image issues behind fake confidence which bordered on arrogance.  I grew bigger in college, and then graduate school.  It wasn’t until I was 29 years old that I decided I needed to do something.  I joined the YMCA and started going to water aerobics and yoga class (because no one could see me in the water and we did yoga in the dark.)Image

Me when I first started.

After working out for a year I had lost 5 pounds.  I was frustrated.  I new nothing about nutrition and didn’t realize that just working out wasn’t going to get me the results I wanted.  I read everything I could find on nutrition, stopped eating processed food, and the weight began to slowly come off.

My friend and I went to visit her mom for a few days one summer and she was running a 5K.  I had no idea what a 5k was but my friend and I went to cheer her on anyway.  I arrived, expecting to see lots of very fit runners but was surprised to see a variety of shapes and sizes.  My friend and I stood at the finish line and cheered for all of the participants.  Some were fast, some slow, some ran, some walked, but they all finished!  I began to think “if they can do this, then I can do this!”

When we got home, I went to the YMCA, got on a treadmill, and walked.  I didn’t stop until I had reached 3 miles.  It took me over an hour, but I knew that if I could walk 3 miles I could complete a 5k (I didn’t know about the .1 yet).  The training began!  I would go to the YMCA 3 times a week and get on the treadmill.  Two months later I walked my first 5k in 59 minutes. Not only had I finished but I did it under an hour!


With my friend’s mom after my first 5k.

I decided the next step would be to learn to run.  I found a couch to 5k plan and started working toward my goal.  The only problem was, in week one, you were supposed to run for one minute at a time.  I could barely get through 30 seconds!  I kept at it and worked up to running for an entire minute.  I stayed on week 1 of the plan for about six weeks before I finally was able to move to week 2, but I kept at it.  In the mean time I signed up for my next 5K.  It was a smaller race and I came in dead last, but there was a very nice lady who waited at the finish line to get my time.  I had finished this one in 50 minutes!  I may have been last but I finished 9 minutes faster than my last 5k and I even ran a little!


With my friend and her mom after my second 5k.

My friends mom was running her second half marathon and we went to cheer her on.  I knew I could do a 5k but a half marathon was way out of my league.  I stood in the rain with pom poms cheering as runner after runner finished the race.  I knew then that this was something I had to do.  I signed up for the Women’s half marathon in Nashville and started training.  I did’t tell anyone because that way if I failed no one would know.  I didn’t tell anyone until after my 8 mile training run.  It was only then that I thought I might actually be able to finish. I finished that race and went on to run 10 more half marathons and 2 full marathons! 


Me today!

So now, when I get frustrated with myself for not being very fast, I will think back to that first 5K (only 4 years ago) and remember how far I have come…and how far I can still go. Thanks Gomers for reminding me!


January at the Gym

January has always been a frustrating month for me as far as the gym is concerned.  It is the month that the gym floor and group fitness areas are flooded with new members who have made New Year’s resolutions to work out.  You have to wait to get to a piece of gym equipment and the group fitness classes run slower than usual so that the instructors can explain how the class works to the mass of new people.

Yesterday, I went to my noon yoga class which is usually very small (only two to four people) and there were 8 people in the class, 5 of which had never done yoga.  I sighed, knowing that this would be a “slow and easy” class to accommodate the new people.  Then I realized I had a choice.  I could be frustrated because the class was not the usual flow class, or I could be grateful.  I could be grateful that these people were trying to get healthy.  I could be grateful that the class size more than doubled (the gym has been threatening to cancel it because of its small size).  I could be grateful that I had time to focus on adjusting my form while the teacher had us hold poses so she could make adjustments.  I found that focusing on the form while holding the asanas caused the class to be quite challenging!

I have decided that this January I will not whine at gym because new people are in my way, instead I will encourage and support the new members and maybe learn something in the process…as long as I get a bike in spin class : )

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Let the training begin

I ran the Resolution Run 5K in Nashville on New Year’s Day and had a bit of a rude awakening!  It definitely brought to my attention my need for hill work before the Country Music Half Marathon.


Elevation Map for the Country Music Half Marathon

Murfreesboro is mostly flat and hills are hard to come by.  I found three hills to practice on and figured I could get the rest of my hill work done on a treadmill. Then I registered for the San Francisco 1st Half Marathon and saw this:

san Francisco elevaton cropped


Needless to say I am trembling in my Brooks!

So I have designed a plan to train for Country Music that will also begin to prepare me for San Francisco.  Since I am coming off of an injury I decided to take it slow and go with a 16 week plan so I have a little extra room to play with.  Each week I will do either speed work or hill work but probably not both and I have built in two of several long runs so I can cut back on miles if it need to.

Disclaimer!  I am NOT an expert!  This is the plan I will be using and is not intended to be advice for others.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Total Miles
Week 1 X-train Rest 3mi HW Yoga 3mi SW Rest or X-train 4 miles 10
Week 2 3 miles Rest 3 mi HW Yoga 3 mi SW Rest or X-train 5 miles 14
Week 3 3 miles Rest 4 mi HW Yoga 4 mi SW Rest or X-train 6 miles 17
Week 4 3 miles Rest 4 mi HW Yoga 4 mi SW Rest or X-train 6 miles 17
Week 5 3 miles Rest 5 mi HW Yoga 5 mi SW Rest or X-train 7 miles 20
Week 6 3 miles Rest 5 mi HW Yoga 5 mi SW Rest or X-train 7 miles 20
Week 7 3 miles Rest 6 mi HW Yoga 4 mi SW Rest or X-train 8 miles 21
Week 8 3 miles Rest 6 mi HW Yoga 4 mi SW Rest or X-train 8 miles 21
Week 9 3 miles Rest 5-6 HW Yoga 4-5 SW Rest or X-train 9 miles 21-23
Week 10 3 miles Rest 5-6 HW Yoga 4-5 SW Rest or X-train 9 miles 21-23
Week 11 2 miles Rest 6 mi HW Yoga 5 mi SW Rest or X-train 10 miles 23
Week 12 2 miles Rest 6 mi HW Yoga 5 mi SW Rest or X-train 10 miles 23
Week 13 2 miles Rest 5-6 HW Yoga 4-5 SW Rest or X-train 11 miles 22-24
Week 14 2 miles Rest 5-6 HW Yoga 4-5 SW Rest or X-train 12 miles 23-25
Week 15 3 miles Rest 5-6 mi Yoga 4-5 mi Rest or X-train 6 miles 18-20
Week 16

SW – Speed Work

HW – Hill Work

3 miles Rest 4 miles Yoga 2 miles Rest Rest Race Day


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