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Half Training Week 2 and…this one time at band camp…

Monday – Bike 5 miles 

Tuesday – 3 miles easy/Strength circuit

Wednesday – Restorative Yoga

Thursday – Speed work 1600, 800 X 2, 400 X 2 (3.5 miles total with warm up and cool down)

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 6 miles

Sunday – 3.5 miles recovery run

This past week has been a tough one!  I just found out my current position has been turned into a full time position for next year.  This is excellent news but I have been on campus almost every day with meetings and completing a ton of paperwork all while teaching a band camp…and yes, I have heard “this one time at band camp” more times than I care to mention!

Band camp is tough.  The schedule is something like this:

7:30 Breakfast

8:30-10:30 Marching on the field

11:00-12:15 Sectionals

12:30 Lunch

1:30-3:00 Sectionals

3:30-5:00 Full band

5:30 Dinner

7:00-10:00 Marching on the field

I have it easier than the students because I only do sectionals and full band, but still that is a lot of time on my feet (and they have definitely been talking to me).  This morning’s run was one of the slowest I have had in a while and felt really hard.  I seem to have selective memory when it comes to Clarksville.  I always seem to conveniently forget how hilly it actually is.  I have another run scheduled on Thursday which is my last day here and hopefully it will go a little better.  On the bright side, it was 66 degrees out this morning when I ran (ridiculously cool for July in Tennessee) and it felt AWESOME!!!!

Oh, and did I mention….I get to stay in a dorm room.

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Holy Track Workout Batman!

Last night was our final night of speedwork and we ended with a doozie of a workout!

Many of us were expecting to do another mile time trial to compare with our first one 8 weeks ago and be finished so my heart sunk a little when I opened the email that contained the following workout:

1600m, 800m x 2, 400m x 2

Holy crap!  I HATE 800s…with a passion.  I have so much trouble pacing myself in the first lap to hit my time goal.  I either go out way too fast and then slow down or I am too conservative and kill myself on the second lap trying to hit my time.  Oh, and what do they mean two 800s and two 400s  after the mile?!?!?!?!

I got to the track after a really long and exhausting day thinking hey, I could just pick up my t-shirt, run the mile, and go home.  (If you know me at all, you know these were just empty threats).  I started the mile and went out pretty slow for my first lap then gradually started to pick it up.  I knew I shouldn’t go full out because I still had the rest of the workout so I tried to hold back.  While I will never be a speed demon and still finished next to last, I took a whopping 26 seconds off of my time trial!  Holy crap, how did I do that?!

Sadly, the rest of the workout did not go as well.  I finished the entire thing but I was under time goal on everything…by at least 15 seconds!  The second 800 and 400 were even slower than the first but I know I gave it everything I had and hello?  26 seconds is pretty darn awesome in my book!



This chapter of speed work comes to a close but chapter 2 opens up in two weeks because speed work (with the same coach) is included in my half training plan…lucky me!

*Hopefully you get the oozing sarcasm because I am actually super excited about it!  WAHOO!!!!!


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Half marathon training begins

Without realizing it, I decided to run The Women’s Half, The Middle Half, and Ragnar with only a week between each race…what can I say, I am an overachiever!  

I have run 14 half marathons and 2 full marathons so far and did all of the training on my own (not something I recommend) but since I have such an ambitious race calendar coming up I decided to do coached training this time around. Hopefully it will (1) help me become a stronger finisher and (2) allow me to meet people who run close to my pace since everyone I know runs much faster than me.

Today was our first day of training and our first group long run.  The plan was 5 miles and we all started as a group but soon we all split up.  I ended up running the last 3 miles by myself – without music (something else I am working on).  It was hot but I felt pretty strong throughout the entire thing.  

Like the speed work, I think the group training is going to be good for me.  Had I been by myself I probably would have taken extra walk breaks but I stuck to a 2:1 interval and still finished strong. What can I say?  I guess I need accountability.



Learning to Pace

I haven’t written about the last two speed sessions but I realized last night at speed work that I am slowly learning how to pace myself.  Last night’s plan was to run (600m, 400m, 200m) X 2. 

My times were:


Time Goal

First actual time

Second actual time













I can’t remember my actual 400 times so this is a guess based on my Garmin data.

The 600s are the only ones that I was over the time goal but 600s and 800s still intimidate me so I probably started a little too slow and just couldn’t pick it up enough at the end. Signing up for this speed work was probably the best thing I could have done for myself!  Thursday is our last session but I start half training soon and it will include even more speed and I can’t wait! Does that make me a little sadistic?  

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The Glo Run

Last night I ran The Glo Run Nashville.  This is a relatively new series and it was a lot of fun.  The price is kind of high (I think I paid about $50) but it is a unique event.  Since it was the first year in Nashville, I didn’t really know what to expect.  We each got a glo shirt, two glo necklaces, and glo glasses.  They were supposed to have black light tents along the course to help you get your glo on.  Unfortunately, they only had two of these tents.  Hopefully next year there will be more!  I definitely had a great time with the ladies I ran with and will most likely do it again next year!


Before the race


In the start corral


Panorama of the crowd


The start line


The Boro Divas


Me and M rockin it out


My super fast glo pose


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Speed Work Week 3

For our latest speed work session the board of education decided we could no longer use the local high school track and we were forced to move to a local soccer complex.  First of all, can I just say that running on grass is hard work!  Especially if you have absolutely no shade and the heat index is 101!  

The plan was to run 8 400m repeats and I was supposed to keep my times around 2:35.  I took off for the first lap and ran a 2:09…oops.  The next three were within range but after the fourth I had to sit one out.  The heat was killer and I had that sudden cold (about to pass out) feeling.  You can imagine what happened next.  Each lap was successively slower and I ended with a 2:58.

This week’s speed work was moved to today because Thursday is July 4th and the agenda is hill repeats and 200m repeats.  Hopefully this time around I will be able to pace myself a little better.

In other news, I WON a giveaway on The Hungry Runner blog!  Not just any giveaway either.  I won an entire head to toe running outfit from Brooks!  This is great because I need new shoes and I can’t wait to try out the Infinity run shorts!  I haven’t heard from Brooks yet but I will definitely have to post a photo of my new outfit when I get it!

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Speed work week 2

For our second speed session we were divided into two groups and given the following:

2 X 800

2 X 600

2 X 400

all with a 200m recovery.

Although I felt like I was going to die pass out at the end of each distance I felt pretty accomplished when all was said and done!

800m Goal time: 5:37    Actual times: 5:05 and 5:07

600m Goal time: 4:06    Actual times: 3:33 and 4:04

400m Goal time: 2:36    Actual times: 2:34 and 2:31

Have you every done speed work?

   This is my first time.

How do you feel about speed work?


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Fired Up N Fit

This post should have been up last week but something happened and the upload failed.  All of the photos were taken from the Fired Up N Fit Facebook page.  Enjoy!

This past weekend I ran my first adventure race.  I had been going back and forth on whether or not to run it for a couple of weeks.  It seemed a little pricey for such a small race and it was the weekend before San Francisco so questions like “should I really spend the money?” and “What if I turn my ankle or something?” kept going through my head.  I decided to just go for it!

This is the first time I have ever done race day registration and I was a little nervous.  Last year they had 150 participants and once again my mind was plagued with questions such as ” What if I Can’t do the obstacles?” or worse, “What if I am the last person on the course, get lost, and hurt myself?”  M assured me that she would stay with me and once we got there and I saw the giant line of people at registration my mind was put at ease.  This year they had over 600 participants!

The course was 5k and M and I think we counted 17 obstacles.  I was so caught up in the excitement that I can’t remember everything but I will do my best.

They were releasing the participants in groups of around 20 to keep the course from getting too congested and we were toward the front in the 5th group to go.  The fire engine horn sounded and we were off.  The first obstacle was up and down three flights of stairs and then crawl through a confined space tunnel.  The tunnel was pretty big but there was one narrow section about two feet long connecting two larger tunnels.  I climbed in head first but couldn’t get my leg through the other side so I tried turning sideways…BIG MISTAKE! Now I was really stuck.  My friend came back to help and I got one leg out but lost my balance getting the other leg out and kind of fell out into the larger tunnel.  Off to a great start!

Next we ran into the woods and encountered a 12 foot wall.  I am not so comfortable with heights so this one was a little scary for me.  I climbed up and froze.  A very nice volunteer talked me over and down the wall though.


I look like I am smiling but I am pretty sure it is really a grimace of fear!

Next we climbed through giant spider webbing and came to a rope.  The point of the obstacle was to swing “Tarzan” style over about 5 feet of water.  I was a little more “George of the Jungle,” forgot to let go of the rope and swung directly into a tree (hangs head in shame).  

Next we came to a creek and had to balance on a log to cross it.

M rocked this obstacle!

Some of the other obstacles were


A hay bale pyramid


Two very long mud trails (the kind that will take your shoe off…yes, I learned the hard way)



A 90 foot slip n slide!  Best obstacle ever!

We finished with a crawl through the mudpit


And were greeted with a very fancy shower


I will definitely do this one again!

Have any of you every run and obstacle race?

What are your favorites?

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Speed Sessions -Week 1

In my attempt to become a stronger, faster runner I signed up to do coached group speedwork with my local running store. The first session was Thursday and the plan was a one mile time trial.

We started off with dynamic stretches which I have never done before. They definitely let me know that I don’t stretch enough. After the group stretching we headed to the track to do a 10 minute warm up before the time trial.

I kept having to slow myself down during the warm up (seriously, I have no concept of pace). We were warned not to go out too fast and that our goal was to run negative splits. In true “me” fashion, I did exactly the opposite. I started too fast, and each lap was successively slower than the last. I had no idea how fast I could run a mile so I really had no expectations but was hoping to get close to an 11 minute pace. I ended up running an 11:47 but I know I could not have possibly run it any faster.

After the time trial we did more group stretches and core work…on the grass….I am definitely bringing a towel next week!

What I learned from this first session is that I really have no idea how to pace myself and I think the next eight weeks of coached speed training are going to be a very good thing for me!

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